Carrefour Products


Carrefour develops and offers responsible products at affordable prices through its own-brand ranges.

At Carrefour, quality requirements are embodied throughout the life of its products, from initial concept to consumption.

A commitment to safety and customer satisfaction is a fundamental part of the product’s DNA.

Carrefour Selection

Gourmet food products that combine refinement with original recipes.

With Carrefour Selection we offer gourmet and gourmand consumers the opportunity to treat themselves to unique moments of pleasure.

Carrefour Discount

Guaranteed Carrefour quality that is generously discounted.

With Carrefour Discount we safeguard the essential: the product in all its simplicity and goodness.

The product range meets the quality commitments of the Carrefour Charter:

  • Contain no GMOs
  • Produced by Carrefour-certified suppliers in compliance with precise, rigorous specifications, that notably specify the origins of selected raw materials
  • No food radiation treatments for better conservation
  • Tested and analyzed to verify quality compliance
Carrefour Kids

Attractive and nutritious products for every developing palate.

With Carrefour Kids a balanced diet is fun!

  • Kids sized portions
  • Controlled calorie content recommended out by nutritionists
  • Amiable Disney figures which encourage a sense of discovery at the table
Carrefour Baby

With Carrefour Baby you can rest assure that all of your parenting needs are covered!

  • Deliciously Balanced food options for babies
  • Wholesome Solid foods for growing young ones
  • Educational early-years toys
  • Delicate toiletries
Carrefour Home

Since 1987, the Carrefour brand has offered a wide range of household appliances at the best possible price/quality ratio. Strict specifications have been established and products are tested to ensure their technical reliability. The products’ ease of use and attractive designs give them wide appeal, and ongoing inspections ensure a consistent level of quality and reliability.

Terre d’Italia

100% authentic Italian specialities passed down from one generation to the next.

Made from carefully selected ingredients in Italian regions specialised in the creation of typical regional food products.

With Terre d’Italia, Carrefour undertakes a mission to safeguard precious gastronomic traditions and the development of medium-sized companies and enterprises on which the rich culinary heritage of Italy is based; a heritage whose rigorous pursuit of quality and authenticity in food has inspired the greatest of chefs.

Carrefour Bio

Wholesome organic products obtained solely through the use of natural techniques and methods of cultivation and breeding, requiring only the use of natural substances, therefore excluding chemicals (fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides), pesticides and GMOs.

Carrefour Bio products are constantly monitored and certified, not only internally but also by independent bodies recognised by the European Community.

In addition to prohibiting the use any fertilizer or pesticide, several principles governing organic farming are applied in the Carrefour Bio process, such as:

  • crop rotation, ie. the alternating of different crops on the same ground, to prevent the presence of parasites
  • the planting of hedges and trees to accommodate the natural predators of pests and to avoid possible external pollution
  • green manure, a technique which consists in seeding plants such as clover or mustard, ideal in enriching organic soil naturally
  • the use of natural fertilizers such as manure and other organic substances
Carrefour EcoPlanet

Sustainable and affordable products that protect the environment throughout their entire lifecycle.

Carrefour EcoPlanet products are produced from natural materials and developed to consume water and energy when used in your household.

Carrefour makes it easier to care for yourself, your home and your planet!